Unreserved Vegetable Farm Clearing Auction

Wednesday April 7th - 10:00 am

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Wednesday April 7th
10:00 am
Online Auction
Tom Hamulecki

Jared Pettman

Mike Hamulecki

Originally Scheduled for March 2020

For MAGALAS PRODUCE LTD. of Waterford. Consisting of 7 John Deere tractors, 100’s of irrigation pipes, 7 self contained irrigation pumps, 4 trickle irrigation filters, vegetable growing equipment and grading lines, farm equipment, vehicles & miscellaneous.  To be held ONLINE ONLY.  Equipment located at 12km north of Simcoe on Highway 24 to Concession 6 Townsend.  Turn east for 3km to farm.  Fire #337 Concession 6 Townsend Rd, Waterford ON.

***Viewings and Pick Up by appointments only*** Call or Text Chase Magalas:  519-755-6717

Bidding will open Wednesday March 31 at 8:00 am

Auction will begin closing Wednesday April 7 at 10:00 am.

Tractors:  JD 6230 4wd, open, 2 remotes, power quad w/ creeper, LHR, 380/85R28 Goodyear fronts, 380/90R46 Goodyear rears, 5062hrs; JD 6220 2wd, open, power quad, LHR, 2 remotes, 420/85R38 Firestone, 6813hrs; JD 6220 2wd, open, power quad, 2 remotes, LHR, 420/85R38 Firestone, hours unknown, roughly same as other 6220 6800 hrs; JD 6210, 2wd, RHR, open, 2 remotes, power quad, 16.9-38 Firestone, 9477hrs; JD 6310, 4wd, open, power quad, RHR, 2 remotes, 13.6-28 Firestone fronts, 16.9-38 Firestone rears, roughly 10,000hrs; JD 6310, 4wd, open, 2 remotes, LHR, power quad, 13.6-28 Firestone fronts, 16.9-38 Firestone rears, roughly 10,000hrs; JD 6400, 4wd, power quad w/ creeper, RHR, 2 remotes, 12.4-28 Firestone fronts, 16.9-38 Firestone rears, 15,854hrs.

Equipment: JD 6000 Custom Tomato cultivator & liquid side dresser, new pump, 5’ centres, showing 1056hrs, One of a Kind, used for cultivating staked tomatoes and for side dressing plastic sweet corn and zucchini; Toyota 15 forklift, LP and gasoline, side shift, solid rubber tires, 5,830 hrs; Kennco 3 row bed maker, 5’ centres; Somers 16 kW generator, Lister Peters 4cyl diesel, 8213hrs; Cat 23 kW generator, 4cyl diesel, 3156 hrs; George White 300 gallon, pto sprayer; 4 (four) Water Wheel Transplanters, w/ 200 gallon tanks; Miscellaneous wheels for water transplanters; 10’ laneway maker, 3pth; Air boom for staking tomatoes; 34’; 3pth, 8’ blade; 3pth 2 shank ripper;  Super Tilt hydraulic lift wagon; 7 (seven) flat top wagons, truck tires & lights; Red Ball hooded sprayer, needs tank.

Irrigation Pipe & Equipment:  7 (seven) irrigation pumps & motors.  All with B4 Berkley pumps, Ames hookups & Murphy timer switches. IH 6cyl diesel, new manifold;  JD 6cyl diesel, 5340hrs; JD 6cyl diesel, 6900hrs; Cummins 6cyl diesel, 7678hrs; JD 6cyl diesel, 12,489hrs; JD 6cyl diesel, Rebuilt pump Oct. 2018, 16,688hrs; Ford 6cyl diesel, 3171hrs, bad crank; 2(two) Netafim 3 unit Apollo Disc-Kleen trickle filters, 900-1000gpm, 6” Ames Inlet & Outlet, chemical inductors; 2 (two) Netafim 3 unit Galaxy trickle filters, 900gpm max, 6” Ames inlet & outlet, chemical inductor; 2 (two) Rovatti PTO pumps; Huge assortment of trickle regulators; Huge quantity of 4” lay flat hose; Quantity of trickle connectors; 4”, 5” & 6” rubbers and springs; HUGE assortment of Ames elbows, plugs, T’s, Y’s reducers & hydrants; irrigation pipe trailer.  Irrigation Pipe:  Large quantity of Ames 4”x30’ irrigation pipe, half with sprinklers; quantity of Ames 5”x30’ irrigation pipe; quantity of Ames 6”x30’ irrigation pipe.  ***Please Note: Pipe to be sold in lots of 150, 100 & 70.  4” being sold with 75 sprinklers & 75 straights.  Sold by the pipe times the money***; 6 (six) 6” & 1 (one) 8” suction pipes, w/ check valves.

Tomato Equipment:  2001 AutoLine 3 Lane, 18 Drop Fruit/Vegetable Grader, w/ computer program (may need own registration to use), garbage conveyor & return conveyor, 18 (eighteen) tables, lots of spare parts, new sprockets and chains in spring 2019.  Total measurement 11’ wide by 93’ long, grader width of 5’5”.  Stainless Steel Vegetable Flume used for tomatoes, electric driven conveyor for bin entry, hydraulic bin submerger; Vegetable washer used for tomatoes; Stainless steel inspection table; AutoLine 3 Lane singulator conveyor belt; Homemade 3 Lane singulator conveyor belt; 20 (twenty) 10’ roller tables.  Do not hesitate to call Chase for more info or to set up a viewing.

Melon Equipment:  Vegetable Flume used for melons, stainless steel, water pressure to push fruit up conveyor; Vegetable Washer w/ chemical injector; Radius Belt; Cantaloupe grader & sizer, 8 tables, garbage conveyor on top, lights.

Vegetable Equipment:  Hydro Cooler, w/ automatic door, water tank underneath w/ free-on pipes throughout, water pumps up to shower product; Conveyor w/ plastic belt, plastic ribbing on belt to allow water pass through; NEW 12’x5.25” conveyor belt w/ electric motor; quantity of 10’ grading rollers; Roughly 800 Harvest tubs, 44 LB capacity, stackable, 23″x 15″, depth of 11.5″.

Pepper Grader: Aweta 3 lane, cup sizer, weight only pepper grader, 8 drops, computerized; Durand-Wayland sponge & brush washer (sold separately from grader); 4 (four) 15’x24” grading tables.  ***These pepper grader pieces are located at 1815 Windham Road 9, RR#1 Windham.  For information on pepper grader pieces only and to book an appointment to view, call John 519-909-1999***

Vehicles & Trailers:  2000 Dodge Ram 3500 passenger van, 12 person, hitch, 148,481km; 2012 GMC Passenger bus, 18 person, 4.8L gas, 135,278km, nice; 2001 Ford E350, 20 passenger bus, 7.3 Power Stroke, 276,476km; 2 (two) 1999 Ford E350, 20 passenger buses, w/ 7.3 Power Stroke engines, 266,976km & 295,775m; 1998 Ford E350, 20 passenger buses, w/ 7.3 Power Stroke engine, 270,176km; 1994 Ford E350, 20 passenger bus, 6L Power Stroke; 2001 Ford E450 cube van, 254,745km; 1983 GMC 7000 flatbed truck, 5 speed (water tanks sold separately) 178,699km; 1979 International Van Truck, 6 cylinder IH diesel, 356,608km; 1975 GMC 6500 truck, air brakes, tandem, air axle works, dual fuel tanks, hydraulic box (not working), w/ 2 (two) 1500 gallon tanks, shows 44,141miles.  Trailers: 2003 Utility 53’ Reefer trailer, w/ Carrier Reefer, 10,014hrs; 1999 Utility 53’ Reefer trailer, w/ Carrier Reefer, 11,949hrs.

Miscellaneous:  Greenhouse glass; 5 (five) Rubbermaid & Dymo scales & stands; LARGE quantity of rolls of row cover; LARGE quantity of tomato stakes; 3 (three) Various sized water tanks, 1000 to 3000 gallon; Assortment of plastic mulch; Large quantity of bag grits for holding down row cover; Large quantity of wire for green plastic 62″; custom truck box fuel tank; large quantity of spare motors & more items found around the farm.

Please Note:  Magalas Produce have decided to no longer farm vegetables.  All equipment sells unreserved, as their vegetable farming has come to an end.  They are continuing to cash crop and grow poultry.

Terms:  A 3% Buyers Premium applies to all items with a maximum of $1000 per item.  A 2% internet fee applies to all online items purchased to a maximum fee of $1,000 per item. Due to Covid-19, payments will only be received by E-Transfer & Wire Transfer. Invoices will be emailed out after the auction closes. ABSOLUTELY NO PICK UP WITHOUT A PAID INVOICE.  All payments MUST be made by 4pm April 9th.  If needed, financing MUST be prearranged prior to bidding.  Owners and Auctioneers are not responsible for accidents.

Selling For:  Magalas Produce Ltd.

For More Info & To Book An Appointment to View Any Equipment

Call or Text Chase Magalas:  519-755-6717