Unreserved Timed Online Antique & Machinery Auction

Wednesday September 1st - 10:00 am

Auction Details
Wednesday September 1st
10:00 am
Tom Hamulecki

Jared Pettman

Mike Hamulecki

for Podolinsky’s Antique Collection and also for Podolinsky Equipment Ltd., who are having a yard clean up auction. Consisting of approx. 25 antique and collectible tractors, collectible snow mobiles, lawnmowers, thrashing machine, farm tractors, farm equipment, compact tractors, and a large quantity of tires and rims & misc. skids of new and used parts. Located at the dealership 6057 Petrolia Line, Petrolia.

Online Bidding opens Friday August 27 at 8:00 am.

Bidding begins closing Wednesday September 1 at 10:00 am

Podolinksy Collection:

Antiques:  JD 4430 cab, air, axle duals, 4032hrs; JD 7520 4wd articulating, original, stuck clutch, no 3pth, PTO, front & rear axle duals; JD 5010 Wheatland, open station, original, 3pth, PTO; JD 4020 open station, diesel, side console, original, weights, 5487hrs; JD 4020 open station, side console, original, rear weights, 5964hrs; JD 4020 diesel, side console, original, rear weights, cab, air, 8136hrs; JD 4020 open station, diesel, side console, original, weights, 5964hrs; JD 4020 open station, diesel, side console, original, true hours unknown; JD 4020 diesel, original, cab; JD 4000 open station, diesel, side console, roll bar, original, 6279hrs; JD 2520 open station, diesel, side console, original, 5190hrs; JD 2520 open station, diesel, side console, weights, original, 4120hrs; JD 3020 open station, diesel, original, low profile, powershift, 3421hrs, RARE; JD 2020 gas, hi-lo, original, showing 1727hrs; JD 1020 gas, repainted, 1882hrs; JD 2010 gas, original, 4206hrs; JD 2010 has, original, true hours unknown; JD 620 gas, power steering, 3pth; JD 430W, repaint, 3410hrs; JD “R”, diesel, original; JD “M” original; JD “B”, single front wheel; JD “AR” original; JD “BR” unstyled; Farmall 300, narrow front, TA, original (only non JD tractor in the line-up).  Snowmobiles:  1983 JD TrailFire LX; 1979 JD TrailFire 440; 1977 JD Cyclone 440; 1975 JD 295 “S” racing edition sled; 1976 JD 340 racing edition sled.  Lawnmowers & Misc. Items:  JD 110 Patio Blue edition; JD 110, painted green, originally Patio Orange; 3 (three) other JD 110’s; JD 79; JD 3300 factory open station combine, gas, original, c/w grain head, 2725hrs; JD 105E gas combine, grain head, originally sold new by Podolinsky’s; George White thrashing machine, shedded.

Podolinsky Farm Equipment Line-up:

Tractors & Backhoe: JD 8850 4wd, 3pth, quick hitch, cab, air, 20.8R-42 axle duals, 5291hrs, c/w 8 (eight) k 24.5-32 tires, rims, centres, 3 wheel weights; JD 6030 cab, 3pth, quick hitch, 20.8-42 axle duals, 7506hrs, nice original tractor; JD 4650, cab, air, powershift, looks rough, works good; AC 615?, TLB, diesel; 3 (three) JD 3046R compact tractors, 4wd, cab, air, HLA SB3600 hydraulic V-Blades, E-hydros, Bauman salt spreaders, 940hrs, 1314hrs, 1860hrs (one unit does not move).  Equipment: Kvernland BL115, 7 furrow semi-mt plow, auto reset, hydraulic, adjustable from 12” to 20”, plow as new; Bomford 470, 5’, 3pth bank mower; Derynck 400 bushel gravity box & wagon; Buehler FarmKing 6010 auger, 60’ x 10”, c/w swing out auger; Market 30’ grain auger on wheels, hydraulic drive; JD 541 self leveling loader w/ brackets & buckets; JD H340 frame & loader bucket; JD H250 loader frame, cylinders, bucket, grill guard; JD 148 loader, complete, brackets, valve & bucket ; JD 553 loader frame; NEW JD cab to fit 6195R; Manheim cab to fit 23, 25, 27 in 50 or 55 series, as new; JD 1750, 6 row narrow, Max Emerge Plus Vacumeter corn planter, new corn hoppers; Yield comparison grain buggy, scale, tarp; Meri-Crusher 7.5’, 3pth; Several new & used Market fertilizer or seed augers; Dearborn, 3pth, 2 furrow plow: MF 3 furrow, 3pth plow; 7’ 3pth aerator; Calsa 500 gallon sprayer; HD post crane for shop (needs repair); backhoe buckets; planter units; 2 new quick attach for buckets; 58 lots of all sizes of JD rims, tires, hubs, duals (some almost new); 2 (two) HLA 4200W, 4000W front mount blades, 9’ & 10’, quick hitchers, 3’ wings; HLA 14’ front blade, power angle & mount; HLA 4000W front mount blade, power angle, mount; Fluney 14’ wheel loader mount snow blade (bent); HLA Scatter Shot, sand & salt spreader; HLA front mount, power V blades; 2 (two) V blades; 2 (two) JD 5’ front snow blowers, model 59 for compacts; Sweepster 7’ front mount sweeper.


Please NoteThe Podolinsky’s have decided to sell their long time collection of John Deere equipment.  And excellent opportunity to purchase some very rare JD tractors.  Podolinksy Farm Equipment have decided to clean up the yard.  A great selection, plan to attend as everything sells to the highest bidder.

Terms: A 3% Buyers Premium applies to all items to a maximum $1,000 & a 2% internet fee apply to all online items purchased to a maximum fee of $1,000 per item. Due to Covid-19, payments will only be received by certified cheque or bank draft, E-Transfer & Wire Transfer for 2 DAYS ONLY (September 2nd & 3rd) after the auction on location from 9-3:30. Invoices will be emailed out after the auction closes!  If needed, financing must be prearranged prior to bidding.  Owners and Auctioneers are not responsible for accidents.

For Information:

Louie Podolinksy – 519-312-1268 or email louie@podolinksy.com